Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Halloween is coming

We love to dress up in our house. Halloween is a favourite time of the year and it's no different for this little chick.

Chick knew Halloween was coming and he wanted to dress up in something meaningful to him but he didn't know what.

Little chick went out in the forest to his favourite thinking spot. He put on his thinking cap and got lost in daydreams of what he wanted to be.

He sat and sat and wondered until he had an idea... He didn't give up!

He sat thinking and watching all the Chickadees, Cardinals and Jays flying high above him. He remembered all the beautiful butterflies he saw flying around in the spring and summer. They were such beautiful colours. He sat wishing he too could fly high in the sky someday! 

Then he had an idea!

I will be a... Butterfly! A beautiful butterfly soaring high in the sky. I will flitter to and fro and will have an amazing Halloween.
What will you be for Halloween?

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