Friday, 5 December 2014

DIY Littlest Pet Shop Shadow Boxes

Warning! These are so much fun to make and are super cute when finished!
Start by gathering your supplies. 

You will need:
•small boxes (we got ours at the dollar store and had to cut out the viewing square. I know you can buy these premade but we couldn't find any in time for this activity)
•pet shops
•miniture trees
•scrabble tiles
•pencil, scissors, craft/exacto knife, paint brush
•white paint
•cotton batting (we used wool roving as I didn't have cotton baton on hand)
•paper to make a square pattern piece
•sparkles/crystal glitter

*not shown: glue gun

**also I adapted this activity after the first picture was taken of the supplies. I had planned on just painting the background but it looked to boring so we added a few extra things to add some detail

So you may also want the following:
•coloured scrapbook paper
•snowflakes (mine were scrapbooking brads but I'm sure the dollar store has something you could use)
•thin nylon line
•bottle caps (to add height for your pet shops)

Ready to begin?

Start by making a square pattern shape from paper and trace it into your box lid.
Very carefully cut along the line with your craft/exacto knife. Adult supervision is recommended when using a craft knife!
If when you are finished the edges look rough like this:
Then take your craft knife and gently scrap off the frayed edges.
Next paint the inside of the box white. We painted the whole thing white inside but changed our minds and added paper to the centre. If you plan on adding paper  to yours then you only need to paints the side of the inside of your box.
When the paint dries. Cut a square of scrapbook paper to fit your box bottom and glue in place.
Next glue two bottles caps to the bottom side of your box. This elevates the pet shops above the rim when your lid is on your box.

Add some cotton baton to partially cover the caps and become the snow in your shadow box.

Glue on your pet shop to one bottle cap and a tree to the other. I also put a larger tree in the corner. Once the pet is glued in place fluff up the baton to cover the rest of the bottle cap. You can also sprinkle glitter over the baton to add some sparkle.
Choose a word to add on. Glue the scrabble tiles to the back wall with a glue gun. Be sure to leave at least 1/4" around the edge or you won't be able to see the letters completely when the lid is in. We made this mistake with the pink deer one below. 

We also added some snowflakes by attaching them to a piece of thin nylon string and gluing it to the too of the box.

Put your lid on and you are finished.

So what do you think? Will you give them a try? Let us know if you do.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Littlest pet shop number 28

28 is this tan coloured rabbit.
It has a white stripe on it's face with a white moulded tuft of hair on his head. There is white overspray on it's belly and his eyes are a pretty purple colour.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DIY littlest pet shop Chris-mouse wreaths

We love the Christmas season! The decorating of the house, the visiting with friends and family, the baking and eating and most of all... We love the crafting we do for Christmas.

Of course some of our crafting involves creating things with our duplicate pet shops. Today we made Christmas or rather Chris-mouse wreath ornaments.

Here is how you can make some too.

First gather your supplies.
You will need the following:
•Thin wire garland (ours are actually ties to hang garland to a staircase)
•Beads and baubles in an assortment of red colours (or you can use small Pom poms-we reused baubles from a small wreath we picked up at the thrift store)
•Pet shops
•Red ribbon
*Glue gun and scissors not shown in picture

First take your piece of garland tie and twist it into a circle shape. Ours are about  4" in diameter.

Next choose your pet shop. Use a large dab of hot glue (parental help recommended with glue gun use) on the inside of the bottom of your circle wreath shape. Quickly and firmly hold the pet shop in place until the glue sets.

Make a small red bow from ribbon and glue it onto the neck of your pet shop.

Add on your beads and baubles or Pom poms to your wreath. Since we reused an old wreath we had to cut ours off carefully first.

Then we glued the baubles onto our wreath and added a loop to hang it up.

I think they turned out pretty cute!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Littlest pet shop number 27

This sweet little calico kitten is pet shop number 27. It has two toned green eyes.

I guess he thinks the snow is cold as he keeps raising his paw!

Littlest pet shop number 26

LPS #26 is this golden cocker spaniel with brown eyes. Not one of our favourites but still pretty cute :)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Littlest pet shop number 25

The 25th pet shop is this boxer.
He is brown and white with two tone brown eyes.

Littlest pet shop number 24

(Yes I skipped number 23 which is a black Scottie dog as we do not have that one yet)

Number 24 is this white Scottie dog.
He is pure white with two tone blue eyes. He blends right in with our new fallen snow.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Littlest pet shop number 22

LPS #22 is this brown Persian cat with dark brown over spray on it's face, ears, tail and paws. It has the most gorgeous turquoise coloured eyes. I love the Persians myself but my girls prefer the short hair cats. Which do you prefer?

Littlest pet shop number 21

LPS #21 is this little retriever. He is a beautiful golden colour with blue eyes. He didn't feel like playing in the snow yesterday so he sat inside watching the others from the window.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Littlest pet shop number 20

Littlest pet shop number 20 is this long hair cat. It is greyish in colour painted with an over spray. The head is basically white but the hair on top of the head is the same grey over spray. The eyes are two tone green and it has a cute little pink nose.

Littlest pet shop number 19

Number 19 is this short hair cat. It is brownish in colour with a dark over spray over a lot of it's body. The face has white over spray and is much lighter in colour. It's eyes are yellow and green.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Littlest pet shop number 18

Who is number 18?
Why it's this cute little white rabbit! He has blue and purple eyes with grey ears. He also has three little faded grey spots on his face and grey around one eye.

Littlest pet shop number 17

Number 17 is this white poodle.
She has blue eyes and a real tuft of hair. I must say that poodles are our least favourite pet shops. What do you say? Do you like the poodle pets?

Monday, 17 November 2014

More littlest pet shop snowy fun

It snowed more again today... And still is snowing. I'm not a fan of the cold that comes with the snow so keeping positive and upbeat about the snow is important to me. These snow pictures are inspired by that.

Oh deer is snowing again.

Happiness is a state of mind so choose to be happy.

There are so many reasons to by happy so why would anyone choose to be anything but happy.

If we choose to be happy... The choice is our happily ever after.

Because owl you need is love and love is owl you need.

I just couldn't resist this one!

So do you love the snow or do youprefer the   beach?

Littlest pet shop number 16

Here is LPS #16.
16 is a little brown beagle with brown eyes and a little bit of white over spray.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Baby it's cold outside...

It snowed...
And the Collies were the first to race outside to play in it. They liked trying to catch the snowflakes on their noses.
They pranced around trying to keep their paws warm.
Soon they needed to get some scarves on so they could stay out and play longer.

Everyone had a blast playing together in the first snowfall. 

It wasn't long before some friends joined them.

And of course a snowball fight broke out.

The husky pups arrived and wanted to build a snowman... Or perhaps a snow dog???

Still more friends joined in the snowy fun.

Everyone had an amazing day playing in the winters first snow fall but without the sun all the littlest pet shop friends started to get chilly and headed inside for some hot chocolate.

Do you have snow yet where you live?