Tuesday, 2 December 2014

DIY littlest pet shop Chris-mouse wreaths

We love the Christmas season! The decorating of the house, the visiting with friends and family, the baking and eating and most of all... We love the crafting we do for Christmas.

Of course some of our crafting involves creating things with our duplicate pet shops. Today we made Christmas or rather Chris-mouse wreath ornaments.

Here is how you can make some too.

First gather your supplies.
You will need the following:
•Thin wire garland (ours are actually ties to hang garland to a staircase)
•Beads and baubles in an assortment of red colours (or you can use small Pom poms-we reused baubles from a small wreath we picked up at the thrift store)
•Pet shops
•Red ribbon
*Glue gun and scissors not shown in picture

First take your piece of garland tie and twist it into a circle shape. Ours are about  4" in diameter.

Next choose your pet shop. Use a large dab of hot glue (parental help recommended with glue gun use) on the inside of the bottom of your circle wreath shape. Quickly and firmly hold the pet shop in place until the glue sets.

Make a small red bow from ribbon and glue it onto the neck of your pet shop.

Add on your beads and baubles or Pom poms to your wreath. Since we reused an old wreath we had to cut ours off carefully first.

Then we glued the baubles onto our wreath and added a loop to hang it up.

I think they turned out pretty cute!

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