Sunday, 16 November 2014

Baby it's cold outside...

It snowed...
And the Collies were the first to race outside to play in it. They liked trying to catch the snowflakes on their noses.
They pranced around trying to keep their paws warm.
Soon they needed to get some scarves on so they could stay out and play longer.

Everyone had a blast playing together in the first snowfall. 

It wasn't long before some friends joined them.

And of course a snowball fight broke out.

The husky pups arrived and wanted to build a snowman... Or perhaps a snow dog???

Still more friends joined in the snowy fun.

Everyone had an amazing day playing in the winters first snow fall but without the sun all the littlest pet shop friends started to get chilly and headed inside for some hot chocolate.

Do you have snow yet where you live?